Goodbye Preschool

Last week we graduated from preschool.  I say “we” because the graduation, the transfer from sweet-little-church-three-day-a-week-pre-school to the big world of every day public Kindergarten is as huge for me as it is for my five year old.  It may actually be harder for me.  Sure, it will be nice to have both of my kids at the same school, and despite the fact that the elementary school is overflowing with kids grades K-5, it is also a very welcoming, happy place.  The teachers are great, and my son has had a positive experience so far.

But I am going to miss pre-school.  I am going to miss the sweet little songs our daughter comes home and sings almost every day, and I am going to miss the Bible lessons she re-tells during dinner.  I am going to miss really knowing the parents of her classmates, and I am going to miss the daily conversations I have had with the wonderful pre-school teachers.  There are a lot of reasons why preschool is such a sweet place, but top of the list is the people.  I am going to miss all the special people that help make preschool so wonderful: the parents, teachers, and kids.

We took pies (Baby Finney Pies) to our teachers today and said our last good byes.  It was sad, but we have many many things to look forward to.  Summer is here!

Later in the afternoon, I overheard our daughter talking to our baby chickens in the yard.

“Next time you get out of the chicken coop little chicky,” she said gently to the one we call fuzzy, “you might have to go to Nineveh.  God asked Jonah to go there and he did not listen and then he got swallowed up by a whale.”

Yes, I am really really going to miss preschool!  Kindergarten here we come!


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