Tomato Hand Pies

I am still searching for the perfect tomato pie.  This one was delicious, but still a little rich because of the buttery crust.  The pepper jack cheese gave it a little extra spice which was good.  Also, the corn adds another touch of summer flavor.



Tomato Hand Pies

For the Crust:

See basil parmesan crust or use butter pastry crust.  Roll out crust and cut circles using a 5 inch circle (I used a cereal bowl).

For the filling:

1 small onion chopped

2 tomatoes seeded and chopped

2 cups fresh or frozen corn

1/2 cup chopped basil

1 8 oz block pepper jack cheese cubed

Preheat oven 375 degrees.  Sautee onion until tender.  Add tomatoes, corn, basil.  Cook for about 5-10 minutes.  Remove from heat and spoon into a bowl.  Add cheese and stir.  Spoon filling onto dough and place another round circle on top.  Pinch edges together with a fork.    Place on a cooking sheet and bake about 30-45 minutes.  Makes about 6 hand pies.










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