Holiday Pies

IMG_0164I really did not cook a lot before Christmas.  It seems like the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas goes by so quickly that there is never enough time to do all the things I want to do.  But after Christmas, after all the holiday parties, shopping (I did not do much of that either) and wrapping, not to mention grading that I did, I felt ready to make some pies.  To add extra incentive to get baking, my mother-in-law gave me an awesome mini pie maker.  She knows how much I love to make pies!  As I was experimenting with it and looking for recipes, I found this great how-to video.

The great thing about this mini pie maker is that it is super easy to use, and you can make pies quickly and practically flawlessly.  Here are the first ones that I made.  I am looking forward to making many many more!


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